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Few words about me and my work

Anja portrait

Hi, my name is Anja (Anya).


My interest in photography began when I was 16.

What is there to photograph at that early age besides flowers and people, eh?


And yet, when I won first prize at a photography competition 2010, I knew I had found my career. One year later, my practice and persistence paid off and I got into the Academy of Dramatic Arts, Zagreb, Croatia.

While I was studying, I photographed weddings, christenings, concerts, taking portraits, etc. which allowed me to hone my craft and develop the skills I had acquired during my studies.

 I got my degree in 2014 and have been working since then as a freelancer photographer.

Before moving to Ireland I worked on various jobs, as for TV station in Zagreb and product photography for one of the biggest home goods stores in Croatia.

On a personal level, I adore nature photography - especially pine forests.


What I love about photography - besides actually taking the photos - is seeing the reaction of people when they receive the photos that I have taken for them. It makes my day, month, year! It is everything!


So give me a call or send me an email  and we can make your vision into a photographic reality.

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